Honey Taheri

Artist’s Biography


Created: 2021

Dimension: 85×105 Cm

Medium: Resin and Acrylic paint



The seasons of Love


Most people consider spring and summer to be the seasons of life and movement But I have always been fascinated by the lovely autumn and wonderful winter, so I have portrayed the life, the movement, the love, and the stunning beauty of these two seasons at sea, on land and in the sky. My inspiration from nature, love, and life motivated me to create it. So I have starred the sky, land, and ocean with acrylic paint then For more charm, I have added some Swarovski diamonds to show how the seasons spread. For final touches, I have designed the trees with mesmerizing gold and copper leaves to add more elegance to the artwork as well as mini resin figures of the horse to represent life while the bride and groom represent love.


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