Honey Taheri

Artist’s Biography


Created: 2021

Dimension: 85×105 Cm

Medium: Resin




Me without you


I have used 2 different types of art to create this unique work to show the past and the present situation after losing one of our loved ones. We have to continue anyway. The beautiful past is stored in the pink treasure that I have made it with Resin, Persian roses, pearls, diamonds, liquid gold, and crystals. The blue circle indicates the current situation that I have made it with Resin that should continue even feel sad and the golden circle in my arms always shows her presence that I feel her with my heart but I can not see or hear herself and the future… which will certainly not be clear. This is my journey from inside to out.

Note: all the crystals cluster; her hair clips, her cape, and butterflies have been created with resin by me.


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