Learn various art styles and methods with the best art teachers we introduce to you. 

Our online and in person art classes tutored by professional members of the Phoenix Art Group gives you the opportunity to experience and learn a new skills. You’ll find high-quality lessons in many art field such as watercolor, resin, calligraphy, oil painting, color pencil, and photography. There are also private lessons for those of you who want to dive into learning immediately in order to improve your skills.

In person group classes 

Phoenix Art Group is pleased to announce that it has held successful group classes in various art disciplines by Phoenix Group instructors in the past.Our in person and group courses in various art disciplines include drawing, oil paint, mixed media, calligraphy, etc. For more information about the date of the courses and the duration of the courses, please contact us.

In person private classes 

Uncover a new creative amentals of drawing and sketching, oil paint, mixed media, calligraphy, etc.

In our privet classes you receive personalized attention and a customized curriculum that will cater to your interests and wishes, and directly target your goals. 

Online classes

In Phoenix Group’s online classes, you have a greater right to choose the time. We are flexible in terms of time and you can learn your art field in your own place and in complete comfort.Online students have better opportunities to collaborate with classmates through virtual group work and meetings and have greater opportunity to talk about art and their aims and goals. 

Should you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.