Honey Taheri

Artist’s Biography


Created: 2021

Dimension:  85×105 Cm (2 Pcs)

Medium: Resin



The nature of Beauty


Agate is one of the most powerful luck stones; this crystal symbolizes harmony and rebalancing, which transforms negative energy into positive energy. That is perfect for energizing your life and attracting good luck and fortune. It is a soothing gemstone that heals inner anger and anxiety, helps in the strengthening of relationships, and allows you to feel calm and safe. Anagate crystal forms within the cavities of other rocks in acidic to neutral environments and is caused by the accumulation of silica-rich groundwater in rock voids over thousands of years. Infact, these chalcedony veins mostly develop within the voids of volcanic igneous rocks and plutonic igneous rock. I was inspired by this precious stone and tried to create it on a large scale to show everyone the mesmerizing beauty that is born after passing along hard, and impressive process. I used wooden panels as the base and adorned them with eye-catching crystals and 24k liquid Gold Leaf. To increase their power, I incorporated NATURAL AGATES into each piece. To rebalance the energy in the space, I chose NATURAL SEA SALT for the edges.


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