Mahdi Razi

960 $

Artist’s Biography


Created: 2023

Dimension: 70 Cm

Medium: Mirror work and painting behind the glass



Dance of the moon


This piece is inspired by the performance of the moon, sun, and stars in the night sky, designed and executed in a deep and two-piece form by combining geometric mirror work in a mandala shape, painting behind glass, and hidden light that is designed and executed in the space behind the work. It performs the false light of the sun in the darkness of the environment. The reflection of light to the center of the piece, symbolizing the moon, in the darkness of the night sky, takes its light from the sun and reflects it again at 15.5-degree angles in the circular axis. The second part of the piece is worked in an embossed mirror (pyramid shape) with a depth of 3.5 cm, where the reflected light from the center piece (or so to speak the moon) enters the star-shaped cuts from the edges of the mirror, and the star’s brilliance is revealed. In the dark space, the mirrored stars around the piece appear shiny and bright, although no light source inside the stars is used, only the reflection of light from the central part of the piece (the surface of the moon). (Approximately 1800 pieces of mirrors and glass have been used in this piece.)


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